Sound Liaison-Images-Reinier Voet Quartet-2022 [DSD512/DSF]

描述:Sound Liaison-Images-Reinier Voet Quartet-

简介:Guitarist Reiner Voet returns to NativeDSD with Images, a new album from Sound Liaison. Images features the Reinier Voet Quartet which includes Voet on Guitar with Jelle van Tongerem on Violin, Mischa Kool on Double Bass and Harold Berghuis on Rhythm Guitar.

The album follows the earlier release Ballad For The Night, a 2019 Album of the Year at NativeDSD with Reiner Voet and Pigalle44 – also available in Stereo DSD (up to DSD 512) and DXD at NativeDSD.Com

Reinier Voet says “Sometimes your mind works as if it’s a camera, you see something and the image stays with you. The music on this album was inspired by images left behind in my mind. When I sit down to compose or arrange a piece of music, often an image appears and somehow helps me in the process, making sure that the purpose of the notes is to capture and convey a feeling.

The basic idea for a composition often comes to me when I am feeling relaxed and having no pressure from the outside world. I start improvising on my guitar and while doing so I keep my ear open for small motifs and melodic ideas as they appear.

The next stage is harder, this is when the actual composing starts, giving the ideas a structure and comprehensible form while trying to keep the freshness of the initial idea.”

Reinier Voet – Solo Guitar
Jelle van Tongeren – Violin
Mischa Kool – Double Bass
Harold Berghuis – Rhythm Guitar



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